ADoBo session at IberLEF 2021

ADoBo session at IberLEF 2021

We will be holding a session on ADoBo as part of IberLEF 2021. The session will happen online on September 21st at 11.00am-12.30 (CEST) and will include an invited talk on codeswitching by prof. Constantine Lignos from Brandeis University.

We invite IberLEF-SEPLN participants to join the session to learn about the results of 2021 ADoBo shared task and to discuss about lexical borrowing detection and codeswitching. You can find the information on how to register at IberLEF 2021 website.

The final slot of the session will be devoted to discussing the future of ADoBo and possible next editions. If there are any future shared tasks related to borrowing and code-mixing that you would like to see happen or have any ideas or suggestions for ADoBo, please join us in the discussion.

Tentative schedule

11.00-11.15: Introduction: lexical borrowing and ADoBo 2021 shared task
11.20-11.35: The futility of STILTs for classification of lexical borrowings in Spanish, Javier de la Rosa
11.40-11.55: Invited talk, prof. Constantine Lignos
12.00-12.15: Open discussion: the future of ADoBo

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